Grants and Scholarships Helping Moms Pay The Bills

A single mom who wants to go to college can do it if she is determined, but it may be difficult at times without a husband to fill in when she’s gone. Finding the money for tuition is another concern. For most women, it is worth the sacrifice because they know that when they graduate, money will not be so tight for them and their kids.

Grants for single mothers might be the only way that a mom can get the training or education that will lead her to a better job or to a career that she never had. Most single moms cannot afford to pay their tuition up front, and without grants, they wouldn’t be able to have this chance to improve their lives. A grant never needs to be repaid, and this is perfect for women who are usually under money crunches raising kids alone. Single moms should try to get as many grants as they possibly can so that they don’t need to pay student loans after graduation.

The Pell Grant is the most common grant for single women, and in order to qualify for it, moms must have low income and financial need. This grant never needs to be paid back, and it can provide up to $4,000 toward tuition. The money is paid to the college that the woman has been accepted to.

Government grants for moms include the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). If the single woman meets the financial need qualifications, she can get from $1,000 to $4,000 for her tuition which will be a great help in paying her college costs. In addition, many times a combination of grants can help with not only paying for classes and books, but extra money to help pay bills and other expenses. Best thing about these grants is they do not need to be paid back.

Sometimes single moms are interested in becoming teachers. In this case, the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) will often award around $4,000 to students who want to become teachers. The mom needs to agree to teach in a public or private school in a low income area to receive this grant.

Two of the best places to find information on grants for moms are the college admissions office and the financial aid office at the college she wants to attend. If the mom wants to go into nursing, they can guide her toward the right grant application. Also, the state where the single mother lives may give grants to women. Most colleges give grants to students with financial need.

Some other college grants for single mother that should be checked into are the five types of grants that the American Association of University Women (AAUW) gives to moms. This grant is also based on financial need. Also, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation Women’s Scholarship Fund gives scholarships to help women escape from poverty and to improve their living conditions. A scholarship is just like a grant because it never needs to be repaid, so the single mom should apply for it as well.

Sometimes corporations and other organizations give scholarships or grants to women who have completed a few semesters of college. They may require the student to keep grades at a high average, but not all do. There are many more grants, and new ones coming out throughout the year. That’s why a mom should stop by the offices at her college every semester to ask if there are new grants for her to apply to receive.

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